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Hospitality and Outdoor Spaces - Summary of Archispeak Podcast Episode #315

Hospitality and Outdoor Spaces - Summary of Archispeak Podcast Episode #315

Transforming Outdoor Spaces: Where Comfort Meets Style

Transforming Outdoor Spaces: Where Comfort Meets Style

Outdoor Design Beyond Basics:

Forget clunky frames and steel structures; outdoor design has transcended mere functionality. Liz Neuffer of Aria Group highlights a refreshing shift where manufacturers now focus on products that not only serve a purpose but also contribute to the visual allure of exterior spaces.

Patio Systems Redefined:

Patio systems have come a long way from simple structures. Now, they're all about elegance and versatility. Imagine shade sails or canopies adding not just practicality but a touch of sophistication, transforming your outdoor dining experience.

Dynamic Curtains and Drapes:

Ever considered curtains for your outdoor space? Liz introduces the concept of using retractable or sheer curtains to create flexible and intimate settings. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about adapting to wind patterns and sunlight, making your outdoor space truly versatile.

Schools and Rooftop Revelations:

Schools and universities are no longer confined to indoor structures. Rooftops are becoming vibrant spaces for student activities, challenging traditional ideas about educational architecture. Liz explores how these spaces can be transformed for both students and businesses alike.

Rooftop Potential Unleashed:

Rooftops are not just structural appendages; they're untapped potential. Overcoming concerns like liability, businesses are turning rooftops into bars, lounges, and entertainment spaces. Liz encourages us to see rooftops as opportunities waiting to be explored.

Wind, Sun, and Practical Considerations:

Designing outdoor spaces involves more than picking furniture. Liz delves into practical aspects like wind patterns and solar considerations. From heaters affected by the breeze to umbrellas turning into parachutes, it's about addressing challenges for a seamless outdoor experience.

Unlocking the Value:

Ever wondered about the return on investment for outdoor heaters? Liz suggests that the upfront cost might be outweighed by increased patronage and the extended lifespan of the establishment. Outdoor spaces, when well-designed, become an expansion of the restaurant's footprint, turning costs into long-term benefits. Restaurant with Electric Radiant Heaters

Bringing the Inside Out:

Throughout the conversation, there's a recurring theme – viewing outdoor spaces as an extension of the interior. Liz encourages us to bring indoor comforts outside, blurring the lines between inside and outside. Think greenery, think landscaping, think about making the outdoors as cozy as the indoors. Connect and Explore: The conversation ends with an invitation – connect through LinkedIn or visit Aria Group's website for more insights. It's a call to architects and designers to join a broader dialogue about the exciting trends in outdoor space design.

Ready to dive in? Listen to the podcast HERE , connect with Liz Neuffer, and let the journey into the evolving trends of outdoor space design begin!

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