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How Bromic Heaters Create Sustainable Four Season Outdoor Spaces

How Bromic Heaters Create Sustainable Four Season Outdoor Spaces

In countries like Canada, where frigid conditions in fall, winter, and spring consume most of the year, enjoying the outdoors demands a unique outlook—in both spirit and design. 

This spirit of embracing chillier weather is best captured by the Scandinavian concept of friluftsliv (free-loofts-liv), or “open air living”. Friluftsliv means getting outside at every opportunity, even in those long Nordic winters, to celebrate the restorative power of the great outdoors. It includes cross country skiing or shinny at the outdoor rink, but, perhaps more importantly, friluftsliv highlights the benefits of finding a way to do even everyday things outside, like enjoying the company of friends and family in a cozy outdoor space.

The design of all-weather patios, backyards, balconies, and rooftops in Canada requires heat, and no outdoor heating solution provides that coziness better than Bromic heaters. With custom design services and a suite of specialized product options, Bromic heaters stylishly and sustainably heat any space, helping you reap the benefits of open air living in any season, year after year.

This article will take a closer look at the design principles and products that set Bromic apart as the most effective and sustainable heating solution for year-round open air living in cold weather climates.

Connecting Outdoor Spaces and Sustainable Design

The demand for versatile outdoor living spaces is exploding. This is perhaps a necessary response to a world growing ever more fast-paced, digital, and urbanized.

Homeowners want outdoor spaces that are usable year-round. Businesses want to bring an outdoor element to their hospitality and entertainment offerings. The benefits of open air living are real, but the environmental impacts of constructing, designing, and heating outdoor living spaces are also very real. Poorly designed built environments contribute to worsening air quality, biodiversity loss, and resource depletion—ironically degrading the very things we build them to enjoy.

Fortunately, many of these environmental impacts can be minimized or eliminated through good design. Bromic Heating does so by adhering to these five essential principles of sustainable design:

  • Optimize Site Potential: Customizing units and installation to work with a space’s natural qualities. Smart site design can maximize heat efficiency while minimizing building infrastructure and material used by providing comfortable year-round outdoor living space.
  • Minimize Non-Renewable Energy Consumption: Many Bromic heaters are electric or available in an electric version. Unlike propane or natural gas outdoor heaters, they can be reliably powered by the electricity grid and renewable energy sources from the wind, sun, and hydropower. All Bromic units are thoughtfully engineered to maximize efficiency and reduce energy consumption—whatever the source.
  • Use Environmentally Preferable Products: Bromic designs its heating units to consider their full life cycle: what happens at the end of a product’s life is as important as its performance. Premium materials and durable construction ensure no compromises in performance or sustainability.
  • Enhance Indoor Environmental Quality: Open or semi-open living spaces improve airflow and Indoor Environmental Quality (EIQ). Heating units can integrate indoor and outdoor structures, which can benefit the EIQ of your home or business.
  • Optimize Operational and Maintenance Practices: The most sustainable heating unit is the one you already have. Extending its lifespan by optimizing operational and maintenance practices is arguably the most effective way to reduce the environmental impact of any product. With an extensive resource library and consulting services, Bromic strives to make this as easy as possible.

  • The Best Bromic Heaters for Canada

    You can add a sustainable source of warmth and coziness to your outdoor space with a Bromic heater. From heat and light combinations to Canadian blizzard-worthy units, there is a high-performing and sustainable Bromic product for every space and budget. 

    In addition to high performance and a breadth of product options, Bromic heaters stand out in another way: they are simply beautiful. Unlike most outdoor heaters. Bromic keeps stylish modern aesthetics at the forefront of their designs. In addition to heat, Bromic products also add elegance to any outdoor living space.

    Here’s a quick overview of your options and what each heater is best for.

    Bromic Eclipse Smart-Heat

    The Bromic Eclipse Smart-Heat combines unmatched style, versatility, and performance. The Eclipse is available in a portable version and a customizable fixture version.

    Eclipse Heaters also double as outdoor lighting: both the heat and LED lights are fully customizable via the included remote: you can fine-tune the heat and ambiance to perfectly complement any outdoor space, in any weather, in any season, at any time of day.

    The Eclipse heat and light both run off one standard 240V outlet. The unit can be easily integrated into Smart Home Technologies by use of their optional RS232 Plugin Link: you can then control the Eclipse’s setting through your tablet and smartphone. It is a stylish, functional, and sustainable addition to any backyard, balcony, or patio, and can comfortably extend outdoor time by 6-8 weeks—well into early and late winter.

    Best For: Situations where targeted warmth and light are essential. Ideal for anyone seeking portable heating and lighting for long and dark winter nights.

    Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat

    The Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat (Electric or Gas-Fired) is as premium as the name suggests, in both form and function.The electric version is one of the most popular outdoor heaters in Canada for a reason: this heater is sleek and modern—adding sophistication to any outdoor space. An advanced heating element provides rapid and evenly distributed warmth. The Platinum also features a smart thermostat, adjustable temperature settings, and comprehensive safety features.

    Best For: Businesses, or larger private outdoor spaces, where high-powered heating performance and aesthetics are equally valued.

    Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat

    The Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat (Electric, Gas, or Portable Gas) injects powerful radiant heat into any space. The directional heating element is perfect for providing targeted warmth in the most extreme conditions. A near-endless variety of mounting options make it an excellent heating solution for almost any space.

    The Tungsten’s corrosion-resistant construction, including its brushed stainless steel finish, provides a ruggedness that is downplayed by its stylish design. Clean aesthetics meet the cold reality of Canadian winters—no compromises necessary. It’s why the Tungsten is the best selling Bromic heater in Canada.

    Like all Bromic heaters, temperature control functions, and energy-efficient design complement the Tungsten’s durability to maximize its sustainability credentials. The electric 6000W models can run at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% capacity to perfectly match heating requirements and further  maximize efficiency.

    Best For: Longevity and performance in windier areas as opposed to using gas-fired. Surprisingly economical to use, do not cast light energy which can change colour of objects in the visible spectrum.


    Bromic Cobalt Smart-Heat

    The Bromic Cobalt Smart-Heat is a high-value electric heater. Its refined design provides everything you need, trimming away anything you don’t. Efficiency is the name of the game here, in design, energy consumption, and price.

    The Cobalt is ideal when usable space is at a premium: it boasts a tiny vertical clearance and versatile mounting options. It is missing the premium features and polish found in other Bromic heaters, but you won’t even notice when basking in the warmth of the Cobalt’s cozy, durable, and reliable glow.

    Best For: Energy-efficient electric heating for businesses and homeowners who prioritize sustainability and cost effectiveness.

    Customizing Your Space with Bromic’s Design Services

    Bromic’s gas and electric heaters are highly customizable at a variety of price points. Their free, no commitment, design services factor in floor plans, heat bloom coverage, energy types, and installation requirements. Custom designs are also informed by Bromic’s sustainable design principles: they help you easily develop a bespoke, low-impact outdoor heating solution aligned with your unique space and your budget. 

    Bromic design services typically take 7-10 days to complete. After that, you will be provided with a full bill of materials for your design: you can place your order with for free shipping and technical support across Canada.

    Finding Friluftsliv Through Sustainable Design helps Canadians live closer to nature, wherever they are. Whether through indoor vertical gardens or sustainable outdoor yards and patios, green plants and fresh air are vital for happiness, health, and connection. Our products and expertise help bring that to your life—even in colder months when such amenities are in short supply.

    We are an official Canadian distributor of Bromic heaters, industry-leading indoor vertical gardening systems, and more. Explore our Bromic heating units and accessories, or contact us by email at or phone at 1(888) 851-8852 to learn even more about how we can help you create the outdoor space of your dreams.

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