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Living Wall

  • ZipGrow™

    Farm Wall™


    Get the perfect indoor/outdoor custom hydroponic farm built to your Canadian specifications. Our team will work with you to create a profitable, hi...

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  • 8 Tower FarmWall with Plants, Front View

    ZipGrow Farm Wall

    from $725.00

    Bespoke services for individualized Vertical FarmWall operations that meet the exact needs of your space. Mount these gardens on exterior or interi...

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  • Planterra

    Living Wall Plant Bundles


    Do you already own a Living Wall or similar type of Feature Wall?  Would you like to change out some plants or try a new look?   We can offer a lim...

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  • Just Vertical Grow Wall, White Cabinet Front
    Just Vertical

    Grow Wall

    from $10,500.00

    Easy-to-install modular grow walls come in 48" Wide x 48" High x 6" Deep without Cabinet.  Capacity to hold 48 plants which can yield up to 30 poun...

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Go Off the Wall!

A Living Wall (aka Grow Wall, Green Wall, Garden Wall, or Farm Wall) offers an exciting and "groundbreaking" (pardon the pun) approach to soil-free gardening, commercial farming, and educational opportunities. Vertical gardens are designed to either scale up the production of fresh produce or transform living and public spaces into vibrant and productive green spaces.  These systems are also ideal for Schools to provide unique learning and STEM educational opportunities throughout the school year.

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Living walls provide an eco-friendly solution for urban farming. By utilizing vertical space, these gardens maximize the use of available land and reduce the need for expansive agricultural areas.  Water and land conservation is possible with these densely designed growing systems.  Return on Investment (ROI) is greatly increased with shorting growing durations throughout the calendar year.

Public spaces benefit greatly from the implementation of Living walls.   Not only functional by cleaning the air but also serve as works of art. Custom-built to suit the space and purpose, they create visually stunning green installations that enhance the overall ambiance of the environment. These living artworks can be designed with a range of colors, textures, and plant combinations, offering a unique and captivating visual experience.

Schools can take advantage of these systems in many ways by learning about Biology and Nutrition within the School Curriculum.

Perhaps you already use a Living Wall.  We offer many types of plants and vegetation for sale that can be delivered to your address usually within 5-7 business days depending on the ship date.

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of living walls as either a Commercial Farming venture or simply transforming a Home or Common Space into a productive and visually appealing green oasis, reach out to us for a complete list of available products and customization options. We would be happy to offer you ideas and advice.