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How to Get Started With the Just Vertical EVE Indoor Vertical Garden

Home-cooked meals are always good, but how about home-cooked and home-grown? With help from the Just Vertical EVE Indoor Vertical Garden, growing your own dinner is easier than you think.

The EVE is a Canadian-made hydroponic indoor vertical garden system. Simple and stylish, it is the best way to start growing fresh, sustainable, and nutritious produce right in your kitchen or living room—for beginners and master gardeners alike.

This guide covers everything involved with getting started with the Just Vertical EVE Indoor Vertical Garden, from initial setup to growing and caring for the freshest produce you’ll ever taste.

What is the Just Vertical EVE?

The Just Vertical EVE is a compact, easy-to-use indoor vertical garden. Enjoying fresh, home-grown vegetables and herbs year-round has never been easier.

Thanks to its vertical design, a single EVE system supports 12 plants at once while requiring little floor space (only 3 ft2). It is a hydroponic system, so watering and fertilization needs are minimal. The garden comes nearly fully assembled with everything you need to get growing—including seeds and nutrient solution. 

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Photo: EVE Dimensions

The Benefits of Indoor Vertical Hydroponic Gardens

Indoor vertical hydroponic gardens like the EVE provide growers with many unique benefits, including:

  • Year-Round Fresh Produce: The Just Vertical EVE is manufactured in Canada, where winters are long, cold, and dark. Fresh, flavourful produce is hard to find for months at a time. But with a vertical indoor garden in your kitchen, you can enjoy fresh-picked herbs, salad greens, tomatoes, and more—even in the depths of a Canadian winter.
  • Low-Maintenance Gardening: Indoor vertical gardens practically guarantee bountiful yields, even if you’ve never grown a green thing in your life. The hydroponic system cycles water and nutrients constantly. You only have to add more water every two weeks. Automated grow lights optimize UV cycles and eliminate any need for natural light.
  • Maximizing Space: By going up rather than out, vertical gardens allow you to grow more food in far less space compared to a traditional garden or hydroponic system.
  • Food Security: Having the means to grow your own food is always a good thing. Perhaps you’re snowed in and can’t get to the grocery store or a summer hailstorm wreaked havoc on your backyard garden. Or maybe you are just sick of overpaying for flavourless veggies grown thousands of kilometers away. Whatever the case, you’ll appreciate being able to grow produce safely right inside your home.
  • Happy Brains: Plants and light are simply good for the mind, especially in the dead of winter when both are in short supply. Green, thriving plants and UV light are certified mood-boosters, a bonus of adding an indoor vertical garden to your home.
  • What You Can Grow in a Just Vertical EVE Indoor Vertical Garden

    You can expect to harvest between 3.75-7.5 Ibs (1.5-3 kg) of fresh produce per month from a single Just Vertical EVE system. That equates to nearly a full serving for every single day. The seeds included with the EVE alone can provide $700 worth of produce, so the system essentially pays for itself within the first year.

    Fast-growing leafy greens and herbs are particularly well-suited to vertical hydroponic gardens, but fruiting crops like tomatoes can also thrive—just prepare for longer periods between harvests.

    The EVE ships with seeds of some of the best plants for indoor vertical gardening, including:

    • 12 x Green Butter Lettuce
    • 12 x Red Butter Lettuce
    • 8 x Mustard Greens
    • 8 x Pak Choi
    • 8 x Basil
    • 4 x Peppermint
    • 4 x Chives
    • 4 x Dill

    Beyond these, here are some of our favorite plants to grow in the EVE:

    • Strawberries
    • Cherry Tomatoes
    • Baby Cucumbers
    • Mini Peppers
    • Kale
    • Arugula
    • Spinach
    • Swiss Chard
    • Radishes
    • Cilantro 
    • Parsley
    • Thyme

    How to Set Up Your Just Vertical EVE

    The EVE arrives almost fully built. As a result, it is delivered in a rather large package (62" high x 22" wide x 12" deep (9.5 ft³) and 74 pounds), but the initial installation and setup of the EVE is quick and easy, accomplished in only 30 minutes.

    Photo: EVE Dimensions

    Here is how to get your EVE up and ready to go:

  • Unboxing and Setup: The EVE arrives in a single box, with most components already installed. Screwing on the four feet and attaching the wall mount are the only additional installation steps required. Be sure to take stock of all the included supplies alongside the EVE unit. You will find a small set of boxes containing the seeds, instruction book, timer, power bar, seedling bed, nutrient solution, and other relevant supplies.
  • Photo: EVE Accessories

  • Identifying Your Setup Location: Unlike many indoor growing units, the EVE is gorgeous. Featuring a solid wood frame and sleek silhouette, it will look good anywhere in your home. It is convenient to have right in your kitchen, home office, or as a conversation starter in the living room. Wherever you install it, just be sure it is somewhere that the bright LED lights won’t interfere with your sleep.
  • Photo: EVE Setup Location

  • Starting Seedlings: Filling the irrigation tank with water and nutrient solution can wait for now. You’ll first need to start growing some seedlings. Select seeds and moss plugs, and insert them into the included seedling bed, following the included EVE instructions. Seeds may begin to sprout within two or three days. When the seedlings are well established and have developed their first set of true leaves, they can be transplanted into the main EVE unit.
  • Photo: EVE Seed Incubator

    How to Transplant Seedlings into the Just Vertical EVE

    Once your seedlings are well-established, the next step is to transplant them from the incubator tray into the EVE growing system.

  • Prepping the EVE for Operation: Just before transplanting, fill the EVE reservoir with water, ensuring the hose connections are secure, and add nutrients as per instructions. Hook the two light power cords into the timer, then the timer and pump into the power bar. Finally, plug the power bar into the GFCI plug that goes into the wall. Press the reset button to allow for electricity to flow—with that, the EVE is ready to grow!
  • Transferring Seedlings to the EVE: Place each seedling plug into a plastic pod that inserts into the EVE growing wall. Handle the seedlings as gently as possible and ensure that the root structures extend out of the bottom of the pod and into the water/nutrient solution flow stream.
  • Power on and Adjusting Light Cycle: Once the seedlings are transplanted into the EVE pods, I turn on the Power Bar breaker. You will hear the water pump start for its 20-second cycle every 30 minutes. The pump cycle is factory-set and cannot be changed. You can adjust the LED lights via the timer to turn on and off whenever is best for you. They should be on for 16 hours and then off for 8.
  • Just like that, most of your work is done! In only a few short weeks, you will be enjoying a steady supply of delicious, unbelievably fresh produce.

    Photo: EVE Reservoir

    Optimizing the EVE as Your Plants Grow

    After transplanting the seedlings, the EVE takes care of almost everything: your plants will be bathed in abundant full-spectrum LED light, constantly supplied with water and nutrients via the hydroponic pump system. You will be amazed at how quickly your seedlings progress under these ideal growing conditions. 

    Although the EVE automates most of the day-to-day essentials. It is helpful to assess your plants in detail yourself every few days. There are a few key things to look out for:

  • Ensure the plugs remain properly positioned and are being adequately washed in the nutrient solution, otherwise, they can quickly dry out.
  • As your plants mature, you may need to reposition them or the LED lights to avoid light burn.
  • Watch out for discoloration in the leaves: this is a common symptom of many nutrient deficiencies and a sign you may need to add fertilizer to the hydroponic solution.
  • Check water levels in the reservoir and expect to top it up roughly every two weeks.
  • Stay on top of your EVE system with this visual maintenance guide. More information on operating and optimizing your EVE can be found in the digital version of the EVE’s comprehensive user manual.

    Indoor Vertical Gardening Made Easy: Get Your Just Vertical EVE Today!

    Whether you’re already a dedicated grower or just starting to cultivate your green thumb, the Just Vertical EVE is the ideal all-in-one vertical garden system for growing your own food year-round. The EVE sets up within minutes and comes with everything you need, including seeds. In mere weeks, you will be enjoying fresh, sustainable, nutritious, and delicious produce on demand—grown right in your home. is dedicated to providing indoor vertical gardening systems and learning resources for Canadian growers. We offer free shipping nationwide: learn more about the Just Vertical EVE here!


    What is the Just Vertical EVE?

    The Just Vertical EVE is a compact indoor vertical garden designed for growing fresh vegetables and herbs year-round. It is designed to be easy to use and beautiful. It is perfect for beginners and looks great in any room.

    What are the benefits of using a Just Vertical EVE indoor vertical garden?

    Some benefits of the Just Vertical EVE include year-round fresh produce, low-maintenance gardening, enhanced food security, and mood-boosting effects from plants and UV light.

    Can you grow tomatoes in a vertical garden?

    Tomatoes grow well in vertical gardens like the EVE, as do other fruiting crops such as peppers and strawberries. 

    How much does a vertical garden cost?

    For a high-quality, entry-level indoor vertical garden like the Just Vertical EVE, you can expect to invest between $750-1000 CAD. The EVE comes with enough seeds to provide $700 worth of produce, meaning it essentially pays for itself within a year.

    How do you set up a Just Vertical EVE indoor vertical garden?

    Setting up the EVE is nearly effortless. It arrives almost fully built, you just need to attach the four feet and wall mount. You'll also start seedlings and prepare the irrigation tank. In just a few weeks, fast-growing leafy greens and herbs will be ready to harvest.

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