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Book Reference - Indoor Kitchen Gardening by Elizabeth Millard

Book Cover discussing Growing plants indoors, Indoor Gardening

Maybe you are still checking out this Indoor Vertical Garden trend.  Am I a Gardener?  Do I want to Garden?  Do I have the Time? Space? Budget?  This book has nothing to do with Vertical Gardening but maybe it is a good start for exploration.  Below is a very generic synopsis of the book, but it does mention topic matter that may get you interested enough to read it.  This book was written in 2014.  It was well before the buzzwords of Vertical Gardening and similar phrases were mainstream talking points.  Educate yourself!

Indoor Kitchen Gardening: Turn Your Home Into a Year-Round Vegetable Garden:  Is a well-rounded guidebook for anyone who wants to start growing fresh vegetables and herbs indoors, regardless of the size of their living space. Millard shares her experience and knowledge on how to grow and maintain an indoor garden, from selecting the right plants and containers to harvesting and preserving the produce.

The book begins with an introduction to indoor gardening, covering the benefits and challenges of growing plants indoors and the various factors that contribute to a successful indoor garden. Elizabeth also emphasizes the importance of choosing the right plants for your space and lifestyle, considering factors such as light requirements, soil type, and temperature.

The next chapter delves into the different types of containers and growing mediums that can be used for indoor gardening, from traditional pots and planters to more unconventional options like mason jars and recycled containers. Millard also discusses the different types of soil and soilless growing mediums that can be used, as well as the importance of proper drainage and watering techniques.

One of the most useful chapters in the book is the section on light requirements for indoor plants. Millard explains the different types of light and how they affect plant growth, as well as the different ways to provide light for indoor plants, including natural light, artificial light, and a combination of both. She also provides detailed information on how to set up and maintain a successful indoor grow light system, including recommendations for the best types of grow lights and how to position them for maximum effectiveness.

Another important aspect of indoor gardening is pest and disease management, and Millard covers this topic in depth in a separate chapter. She discusses the most common pests and diseases that can affect indoor plants and the best ways to prevent and treat these issues using natural and organic methods.

The book also includes a section on growing specific types of plants, including herbs, microgreens, mushrooms, and vegetables. Millard provides detailed information on the best varieties of each type of plant for indoor growing, as well as the specific growing requirements for each. She also includes tips on harvesting and preserving the produce and ideas for using the fresh herbs and vegetables in cooking and other projects.

One of the most inspiring aspects of the book is Millard's emphasis on creativity and experimentation in indoor gardening. She encourages readers to think outside the box when it comes to plant selection, container choice, and growing techniques and provides numerous examples and ideas for how to make an indoor garden unique and personalized.

Throughout the book, her writing style is clear and succinct, and her passion for indoor gardening is obvious. She includes numerous anecdotes and personal stories to illustrate the points she is making, and her advice is always practical and accessible.

Overall, Indoor Kitchen Gardening is a great resource for anyone interested in starting an indoor garden. Whether you are a seasoned gardener looking to expand your skills or a complete novice just starting out, this book provides all the information you need to create a successful and satisfying indoor garden that will provide fresh, healthy produce all year round.  Handy for us snowbound Canadians.


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