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FlatPack Custom Storage

FlatPack Custom Storage

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The SeaCan't can what the SeaCan can’t….  Actually, this isn’t the SeaCan't, it’s FlatPack Custom Storage as built by StorageHQ.  It provide alot of options that the SeaCan can't.  Enough of the tongue-twisting for now!

SeaCans are not light, easy portable, easily customizable and offer many options.  They are bulky, utilitarian storage!  Sometimes people turn them into a Garage. Forget the bulky and heavy SeaCans that you see littering the Canadian countryside!  They serve a purpose but sometimes you don't need that much! 

What if you could own an easy to Ship, Build and Use structure anywhere it's needed?  Fully customizable from Colour, Doors, Windows and attachments.  Sizes available are 7'x7', 7'x10', 7'x13', 7'x16' and 7'x20'

FlatPack provides portable storage solutions and more!  In need of extra backyard storage or perhaps even for your Business or Jobsite?  You might even need something for a Temporary Outdoor Display, Farmers Market or Festival.  Maybe you just sold your House and need somewhere to store your Furniture and Clothes.   Winter's Coming is not just a silly pop culture line when it comes to the Famous Canadian Winter!  Build yours today!

  • Portable, Shipped Flat to your address
  • Customizable
  • Easy, Hand-Tool Assembly

Check out what is available shortly for immediate delivery as well as what you can order and customize with a 60-day lead time.   Head over to our Custom Builder or see what is soon available to ship.  Order your Winter Storage now!